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God Bless.

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The artist

Nicola's art is bold and captivating. Nicola is known for her colors and textures in creating semi-abstract landscapes. Her work is generous in use of paint and mediums, creating richness and depth built up in layers on the canvas or wood that she uses for her compositions.


Art with Heart.

Nicola is a highly sought after Australian artist known for her passion for bold colors and texture.  Her work reflects her belief that God is unlimited, miraculous and powerful.  Nicola gets her inspiration to create with a verse of Scripture from the Bible or a revelation from the Spirit of God. 

Nicola uses acrylic paint, oils, mixed media, sand, paper and metals to create her abstract landscapes.  Nicola’s goal is to move and touch her audience’s heart.  Her art is said to have “the touch of God” on it.

Nicola is able to customize her art to suit your home or office.  Nicola’s art will make any room “come alive” and make a wall “pop” with her vibrant colors and bold expression.  If you would like to purchase one of Nicola’s unique artworks please just head over to the "Art with Heart" page by clicking the button below.

Some of my featured artworks, just click on any of the artworks for more information